2016 Events and Projects

Our first year was quite busy and productive, including ongoing pollinator plant seed collection, processing and packaging for distribution at vendor booths and presentations; ongoing native plant seed collection for Borderlands Restoration’s habitat restoration projects; ongoing digital image and data contributions to local environmental organizations for citizen science projects and educational materials, such as Christmas Bird counts, butterfly counts, Southwest Monarch Study projects, and Portal's BioBlitz; and the following:

Oct-Dec 2016:  PoCo and Sierra Vista Community Gardens’ volunteers assembled and painted a 12’ x 20’ raised bed garden, including hand painted local pollinators on the concrete caps.    


9/20/2016:  The Arizona Community Foundation awarded a grant to Pollinator Corridors to build a pollinator demonstration garden in the Sierra Vista Community Gardens – our first project grant! 

8/13/2016:  For the Cochise County Cooperative Extension’s Waterwise program, Director Karen and Francesca Claverie of Borderlands Restoration gave a presentation on Native Plants and their Pollinators.  Borderlands’ native plants were sold after the presentation. 

8/14/2016:  At the Southwest Wings Nature Festival, Director Karen gave a presentation on Creating a Naturescape and Director Bob was a bird guide on two festival field trips. 

6/2/2016:  PoCo was notified by the Arizona Community Foundation that our Letter of Interest for funding a pollinator demonstration garden and mural at the Sierra Vista Community Gardens was accepted and we have been approved to submit a full proposal for a $2500 grant.   

5/17-19/2016:  Director Karen attended a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Seeds of Success workshop in Ft. Collins, CO to learn about identifying native plants and methods to collect native plant seeds for future restoration and pollinator projects. 

5/12/2016:  An Arizona State Forestry grant will be funding an erosion control and pollinator plant hands-on workshop for the local community to be held on the Thicket Place demonstration garden this coming Fall. 

5/4/2016:  Director Karen gave a Habitat Gardening presentation to the Cochise County Master Gardeners.  After the presentation, the 23 Master Gardeners visited the Thicket Place demonstration garden to learn more about native plants and attracting pollinators. 

4/11/2016:  The Cochise County Waterwise Program visited the Thicket Place demonstration garden to determine if it will be a possible location for an erosion and pollinator plant hands-on workshop to demonstrate to the community ways to control erosion with earthworks and native plants. 


4/6/2016:  The Tumbleweed Garden Club visited the Thicket Place demonstration garden for a tour and presentation on Garden Birdwatching. 


3/18/2016:  An Arizona Community Foundation grant funded Director Karen's attendance at a two-day Nonprofit Fundraising class at Cochise College.  Great class! 

3/12/2016:  Southwest Wings Nature Festival and Pollinator Corridors installed a webcam in the Thicket Place demonstration garden to live stream video of hummingbirds and bats (see http://www.swwings.org/localinfo.html and "Bird Cam" website tab on this website). 

3/10 & 3/11/2016:  Director Karen spoke at the Cochise County Master Gardener's High on the Desert Gardening Conference on Backyard Birdwatching.  Pollinator Corridors had a vendor booth selling native plant seeds for pollinators and was able to chat with the 100+ gardeners attending the conference about pollinator gardens and native plants.

1/15/2016:  Directors Karen and Bob attended the U.S. National Park Service Coronado Memorial Visitor Center opening to tour their native plant garden and learn more about this neighbor.  There may be opportunities for Pollinator Corridors to work together with the Park, including assisting with their native plant garden, performing surveys for birds, bats, or agaves, and input data to various databases that help local pollinators.