November 2020:  Pollinator Corridors is proud to be one of many local collaborating partners on Sky Island Alliance's FotoFauna project. FotoFauna is a study conducted with wildlife camera images to discover when and where wildlife in the Sky Island region is present seasonally to better protect their habitats and pathways.  

FotoFauna_color-768x803 (1).jpg

Through a generous private donation, PoCo purchased a wildlife camera to mount near a small water dish on the Thicket Patch, our pollinator restoration site in Madrean oak woodland bordering grassland at about 5,000 foot elevation.  The water dish is filled by an irrigation tube and the water is circulated with a floating solar bubbler.  During the day, many bird species have been seen drinking and bathing, along with insects that require water.  At night, we have captured images of four mammals so far.  Returning wildlife is evidence of our success in restoring habitat severely burned in a 2011 wildfire to healthy habitat -- success for pollinators as well as all wildlife.

The FotoFauna project encourages data from volunteer-operated wildlife cameras located on natural lands to backyards located in Arizona and Mexican Sky Island region.  Below are videos from Director Karen and Bob's wildlife camera aimed at their small backyard pond.  It is so much fun, and a privilege, to observe natural behavior of animals captured on video.  (And to know why the plants in the pond are knocked over!)